Contract Management & Administration

Providing full contract management and administration services, supporting the successful delivery of major capital projects across Australia and New Zealand.

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Client-focused, Proven Contract Management Methodologies

We help our clients maximise their profitability through effective implementation and execution of the contract management and administration function. Our exposure to major projects across Australia and New Zealand, has endowed us with years of experience, ensuring that no matter the challenge we have the knowledge and tools required to ensure our clients maximise their return on investment.

With our proven methodologies, we can provide effective early advice on how to set up and manage contracts to avoid claims and how to deal with disputes when they occur.

Whether a major resources project, transport infrastructure or an urban development, Verstand Group can provide you and your company with the assurance and peace of mind that your vision, goals and values are accurately reflected in the contracts used to engage others and the way such contracts are managed and administered during delivery.


  • Contractual and financial risk analysis
  • Audit of tendering documents/bidding files
  • Contract management training of the project team
  • Introduction of new contract management approaches/methods
  • Defence strategy against overpayment


  • Writing of contractual letters, claims, and contract variations
  • Assistance with costs and quantity control
  • Quantity surveying
  • Cost audit and proposals for corrective actions
  • Claim files analysis and negotiation process support
  • Permanent defence strategy against cost overruns
  • Pre-contention settlement at the fair cost

Project close-out:

  • Settlement of the final account
  • Assistance in dispute resolution
  • Assistance to lawyers in compiling supporting arbitration files
  • Commercial settlement strategies and negotiations
  • We develop effective governance and oversight throughout the contract lifecycle
  • We proactively monitor contract compliance in real-time
  • We ensure the effectiveness of operational and financial controls
  • We prevent financial losses and mitigate risks related to contract non-compliance
  • We promote transparency, accountability, and trust among third parties

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Maximise Opportunities And Mitigate Risks Through Effective Contract Management

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