Program Strategy And Set Up

To achieve consistent program objectives, you must develop the right strategies, and execute a plan.

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When dealing with complex issues, multiple investors, and a wide range of stakeholders, the business case for a program must be strong. It should take into account all risks and opportunities, account for all component parts, and show how the desired results can be met on time and on budget. However, once the business case is accepted, executing the program with rigour becomes a challenge.

We implement industry-leading approaches to help decision-making, secure investment and achieve maximum readiness for implementation at every point of the program’s lifecycle. We implemented all of the strategies and controls necessary to manage risks and challenges, develop practical performance benchmarks, and build the skills and infrastructure required to achieve effective outcomes.

We appreciate that your program may be very different from your core business, and we can assist you in finding the right mix of culture, skills, procedures, and systems to ensure success. We will easily get the program under control and provide ongoing support so that necessary adjustments can be made as the program progresses.

  • Business case development
  • Cost and scheduling assessment
  • Execution planning
  • Governance and assurance
  • Management systems
  • Program definition
  • Program strategy and set up
  • Supply chain strategy
  • Target operating model
  • We can help you engage stakeholders
  • We can help you optimise the business case
  • We can help you prepare for program execution
  • We can help you with the right expertise, processes, and systems

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