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Determine project feasibility, manage all aspects of the tender process and costs during construction with our expert Quantity Surveying Consultants.

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At Verstand Group, we help every client by formulating a budget to assess the initial feasibility of a construction project. We provide realistic and comprehensive cost advice, covering all aspects of the project, from inception to completion.

Our cost advice is specially designed to help our clients make informed decisions. Together with our experienced team of cost consultants, we manage the cost and scope of designs to ensure that the proposal stays on the budget until the project can be tendered to contractors.

Our estimation and cost planning methodologies are driven by value management. We add value to our clients by ensuring they have as much cost certainty as possible. We believe that optimising the capital work budget is more important than solely minimising costs. This way, we ensure we eliminate unnecessary costs and provide the best value within the agreed budget.

Effective cost management is a critical factor in achieving the successful delivery of a construction project. We can help you reach success through our robust cost planning and thorough engagement with the supply chain.

  • Feasibility studies and budget preparation
  • Tender estimating and cost planning
  • ​Bill of Quantities (BoQ) preparation/reconciliation
  • ​Recommendation for award

​Cost Management and Development Services

  • Estimating and cost planning
  • Construction cost management
  • Value management
  • Risk analysis
  • Elemental and functional analysis
  • Expenditure forecasting.

Contract Administration

  • Progress claim valuations
  • Claims analysis
  • Contract variations
  • Re-measurement for final accounts
  • Final account settlement
  • Cost audits.

Contract Documentation

  • Contractual advice and procurement strategy
  • Tender package measurement
  • Tender and contract documentation
  • Bid evaluation
  • Contract negotiations.
  • Price/forecast the cost of the different materials needed for the project
  • We prepare tender documents, contracts, budgets, bills of quantities and other documentation
  • We track changes to the design and/or construction work and adjust budget projections accordingly
  • We procure or agree on the services of contractors and/or subcontractors who work on the construction of the project
  • We measure and value the work done on-site
  • We pay subcontractors
  • We liaise with the client and other construction professionals

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