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Applying robust and effective controls from a clear baseline to deliver confidence in programme and project performance.

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The baseline is a reference point for all the things that are true about a project at a particular point in time – the approved scope, cost, schedule and risks. It’s a critical document that allows project teams to measure how initiatives are progressing and ensure the end product meets project objectives.

Change is inevitable on any project, and it’s important to always have one eye on the horizon. If the baseline represents everything that is true about a project right now, forecasting represents everything that we can reasonably anticipate will be true about it in the future.

At Verstand Group, our project controls team ensures that our client’s investments are set up for success, with all of the necessary control enablers in place and integrated across the program. This enables us to ensure excellent results, set goals, and compare actual progress to the target.

The primary aim of Verstand Group is to maximize the return on your project investment by effectively monitoring progress against Program and Key Performance Indicators, recommending management action to protect, and where possible improve on performance.

  • Change control
  • Controls, development and transformation
  • Budget and cost control
  • Document and data management
  • Consulting and operational excellence
  • Quality performance assurance
  • Performance reports and status
  • Risk management
  • Schedule and time management
  • We help control your program
  • We develop an accurate and a reliable baseline program
  • We imbue confidence in predicted delivery performance
  • We manage risks and opportunities across the program

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