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Delivering project success through effective and efficient planning with the right team that provides strategies, innovative solutions, and rigorous controls.

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For projects to be successful, it requires effective preparation, planning, risk analysis, execution, and control. At Verstand Group, we ensure that our team has a comprehensive overview of the whole project lifecycle; from preparation to completion. We take into account that every minor part of the project and the project as a whole is on brief, on time, on budget, and in accordance with the stakeholders’ best interest.

Our approach to project management is making sure we deliver the project consistently while reducing risks by maintaining preventive and proactive supervision. Our team of experts reviews budget, time schedules, bids, contracts, and work assignments before the project commences. We put client interests first, ensuring we help deliver the outcomes that matter to you.

  • Production Management
  • Construction Management
  • Contract administration
  • Defects management
  • Design management
  • Programme improvement
  • Project brief development
  • Project handover and close
  • Operation management
  • Supply chain management
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Value management
  • Control Management
  • We help you find effective solutions for demands
  • We help you build a high performing team to deliver
  • We help you best secure internal and statutory approvals
  • We help you minimise the impact on existing operations
  • We ensure that your project delivers on time with quality standards
  • We assure to you perform and build a strong stakeholder

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